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As a driver how do you react in an unusual situation? Most drivers have never been in a situation where both quick decisions and actions are needed to avoid an accident.
You probably think you drive well enough and on an everyday driving basis and that is probably true. But what happens if there is an icy patch on the road and the car skids? Or if you meet an oncoming vehicle in your lane? How do you react if a wild animal suddenly appears in front of your car or a small child unexpectedly runs out into the road?

Hopefully you will never experience any of these situations but if you do, it might be good to know how you and the car react and what you should do to best deal with the situation.


With active driving practice you will have a better chance of managing difficult traffic situations. You will learn to handle them by trying out different techniques in different circumstances. This ought to be compulsory when you first take driving lessons. You will soon realize that your reactions are not at all what you thought they would be.

It depends on you!

What happens in a panic situation is not only a question of how safe your car is, it’s also how you react. Most of the traffic accidents are caused by the human factor. To become a safer driver you need to practice dealing with tricky situations.

An unforgettable day

Our course gives you both theoretical and practical knowledge of dealing with panic situations. Using the ABS brakes to the full is one of the elements of the course.

Our instructors have very good knowledge and  experience from traffic safety. They are calm, friendly and very patient every time. This provides security for you as our guest so you will get the most out of your day here at Active Driving.